Friday, March 27, 2009

Appointment Week

I never did report on our week in Greenville, South Carolina, called Appointment Week. It started Sat. March 14th with a Communicating Effectively Workshop. This was wonderful for me - I don't like standing up front in a church and talking. It taught us how to write modules for speaking engagements in church for 2 minutes, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes.

We stayed in the Hyatt. I fell in love with the ma tress. Usually I can't wait to get home and into my own bed again. I slept good. The food was good too, although we are not use to eating like that.

We had meetings on Travel and Freight, Finance (filled out all kinds of forms), a little orientation on where we will be living in VA, met with all kinds of people, gave our testimony to the trustees. This all followed up with the Appointment Ceremony on Wed. night. A lot more happened, too much to list and tell you all about it. We had a wonderful time, God has opened our eyes and has blessed us much.

Keep us in your prayers. We have a lot to do until we pull out with a truck on April 10th.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Houston, We have a Problem!!!

Do you see our problem. There are two of them!! On Monday, March 23, as Steve was walking from the church to our house through the cemetery he hear what he thought was our kitten out there mewing up a storm. He shined the flashlight on it, sure enough our kitten. He picks it up and carries it home. He gets on the deck and hollers "Honey, come here". There are two of them. It looks just like the first one with very similar markings and acts just like the other one. It seems to have been fed better. Where it has been for the last week and 1/2 who knows. Now what are we suppose to do. If you want a kitten, leave a comment with email.

Some one dropped off a kitten at our house.

On March 12th I left the house to go pick up Steve from work. I took two kids with me and left two at home doing school work. When we drove up to the house Tobias came out holding this kitten. It was pitiful. It hadn't been fed in a while. It was just a pile of crying bones. Sad, sad, sad. We are moving, we don't need animals. All this thing would do is cry, so I fed it. I have fallen in love. It is such a lovable kitten. It will take a nap in your lap anytime of day. So Steve (he did not want to do this) bought it kitten food. It has been named Zebra.
Is there anyone in the South Carolina area wanting a kitten. I think it was born in a house. I decided this because it makes a beeline for the door anytime it is open. It was really hard to go in and out of the house for about three days after that.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Modesty Fashion Week

modest fashion week

Check out this blog. She is talking on modesty this week. She is also doing a give away!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pray for my Mom - Doris Martin

Wed. morning at 4AM they took my mother back to the hospital. She has been running a fever, has a cold, and the oxygen level is back up to max. She does have pneumonia this time. Pray for a speedy recovery. Pray that she doesn't loose the muscle tone she gained in the nursing home. Pray that she keeps a positive spirit. The hospital was a depressing place. The nursing home was a very positive place. Pray that she recovers quickly and can go back to the Fairmont Nursing home really soon.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mbala, Zambia - The Main Street

Here are a few pictures the Bowmans kindly took for us. These are pictures of the main street in the town we will be living in. They went there to find us a house for us to live in. There are no Real Estate agents or Internet listings of house for rent in Africa. You have to go to the town and find a house, mostly by word of mouth.
Please pray that God would guide the Bowmans in find us a house.
When we look back on the last 12 years of our lives, we see how God was preparing us in many ways to leave the US and become missionaries. If you will notice the dirt in the pictures - looks just like South Carolina's red clay. All you South Carolinians know what I'm talking about!!

Snow in March in South Carolina?!?!?!

After rain all weekend, on Sunday the rain turned to sleet and then snow. We got 4 inches. What a mess. It was beautiful and fun to play in, but underneath all that snow was laying water from all of the rain. Plus, we cannot find our boots. The two little boys stayed out the longest. They knew when they came in that they would have to do school work. They came in with their shoes and two pairs of socks socked all they way through. There feet were red!! The electric was only off for 1 1/2 days which isn't too bad, except we didn't have a wood stove to heat the house. Tuesday morning the house was down to 50 degrees inside. We were huddling around our kerosene heater.

The week starts out with the low in the teens and the highs only being 30 degrees. On Friday of this week it is to be in the 70's. So as the radio station said, if you don't like the weather just stick around it will change in a few days.