Sunday, August 1, 2010


Back in March our friends the Schaeffer's came back home from South Africa.  When they passed through Lusaka they picked up a kitten.  Seth has been wanting a cat and so he found out how much one cost and started saving his money.

For the past month he has had a dilemma.  He really wants a cat, but he also liked seeing his money add up.  In the end the cat didn’t cost as much as we thought it would.  We got it at a vet who saves them.  It had its shot and has been fixed.  So the cost of the cat is for that and food.

So this past Wednesday while in Lusaka we picked up a three month old kitten.  Seth thought on it for awhile and finally announced that his name was Panther.

A cat carrier cost way too much and so a collar and leash were bought.  It spent the first hour of our trip home all over the vehicle and meowing loudly.  Then it curled up to sleep with Seth and then later on with Lane.

panther comp

When we got home on Saturday we found a mess in the pantry.  A week before we left Steve saw a mouse in the kitchen.  Well, for the last two weeks while we were gone, it has made a big mess.  Mouse dirt and popcorn seeds are everywhere on the shelves.  It has been chewing on a plastic container with cornmeal in it.  So there is bits of white plastic all over. On the back of the pantry door at the top is nailed a board with nails in it to hang things – broom, mop, dust mop.  Also us there is a plastic grocery sack full of more grocery sacks.  This mouse managed to jump off of a shelf on to this.  The broom and several sacks were on the floor!  So we are washing every thing before we use it.  What fun, washing dishes before and after you eat. 

So this cat has work to do.  It had better be a good mouser.  I guess you could say it is spoiled too.  What cat has permission to walk all over your pantry shelves.  Tonight I am even opening the cupboard doors.  This mouse lives under them.  We cannot see where they are hooked to the walls.  So if he doesn’t catch something soon, we are going to put some muscle to them and see if we can’t move them. 

Eureka Farm Campground

This campground is very close to Lusaka.  The nice thing about it is the wild animals it has – zebra, buffalo, giraffe, monkeys, impala, and other deer like animals.

We stayed here Sunday and Monday nights.  It is nice for the animals and a cheaper place to camp.  But it is busy and noisy.  It is a favorite place for the overland tours.  They travel on a truck that looks like a semi.  It is bus like at the top and they store everything underneath.  It is a camping tour.

On both nights the first truck to pull in had a smaller group and there for seemed to be a quieter group.  On both nights the second truck to pull in was a large group.  In about 10 minutes about 20 4 man tents were put up around the truck.  On the second night a third truck pulled in.  It put tents up right next to ours.  It was a low budget tour and drinking was what they did the most of.  The first two trucks pulled out by 6 AM.  That third bus stayed up until 1:30 AM and didn’t pull out until 8 AM.

On the second night Seth was sick again and he and I spent the night in the truck.  I got to see impala and something bigger eating grass pretty close to our tent.  This place keeps a guard and after a bit he came waving a feed sack to get them out.  Also got to see the second trucks whole tour group get out and push the truck to start it!  That took a little muscle power.

Eureka Buffalo Comp Buffalo, we got a little too close and had to convince the kids to keep walking kind of fast and away!

Eureka Farm Giraffe Comp

Giraffe, he was just outside the gate where we camped.

Eureka Farm Zebra Comp

Zebra, Heather walked up to these to take the pic.

Eureka Farm Don't know Comp

You will have to zoom in to see this guy.  I don’t know what he is.

The rest of the week was spent in Lusaka at the Baptist Mission Guest House.  We went to the Tuesday Market and got lots of veggies.  I spent Saturday afternoon here in Mbala getting them ready for the freezer.  A family on our team flew in Wednesday evening.  Steve did a lot of shopping that morning.  Thursday morning we visited the grocery store.  We made it out of there with only two carts, but still spent more than planned.  Friday we drove to Kasama and stayed with another member of our team who is done and leaving us this week.  Saturday – the rest of the way home.  Yea!


Friday was spent as a very lazy day.  Steve and I just sat in camping chairs reading.  Camping chairs are not good for your back, especially that much time spent in one.  The kids played and went swimming.  It is winter here, but on the river it is warmer.  I wouldn’t say warm enough to swim, but then I’m not a kid.  Their lips were blue.  Saturday we did go on about a 4 km hike before we spent the rest of the day reading.

Sunday we packed it all up.  Since we were so close to Kariba Dam, we drove down to see it.  I saw it in 1985, but we couldn’t take any pictures.  Now you can take pictures!

Kariba Dam Comp Kariba Dam with its five gates.

Kariba Dam Comp 3 Zambezi River after the dam.  Zambia is on the left and Zimbabwe is on the right.

Kariba Dam Comp 4

A look at the Zambian side.  You can see the road we drove down to the dam on.

Kariba Dam Comp 5

A picture of Kariba Lake.

After this we drove back to Lusaka to stay at a camp grounds there.

Almost forgot, Seth got sick on Saturday night.  Unzipping my tent to get out, then zip it back up, then unzipping his tent and so on is just too much work.  So Seth slept on the back seat of our vehicle and I tried to sleep in the front.  At one point I looked out the window and saw a hippo slowly walking across the campground.  I had to ask Seth if he was awake.  He was and so I told him to sit up an look.  Sometimes you get to see wonderful things when you are sick!