Saturday, September 20, 2008

Working on the Mission House

Well, it isn't exactly work on the house, more like work on the land around it. Two Saturdays ago Steve spent the day repairing little things around the house and cleaning off the deck. What ever we did not know what to do with went on the deck. It was becoming a little messy. He has it cleaned off and nice looking.
About the pictures: he was going to wait until it was cooler to tackle some of the trees around here, but decided to go after finding the gate. The job took a lot longer than he expected.
The first picture is the found gate. It was totally covered in brush and you couldn't even see the white building in the back. The second picture is the pile of brush he and the kids cut and pulled off of the gate. The third picture shows the little path of grass between the gate and ripped up fence. The fourth picture shows the ripped up fence.
We were told that if we want we could have a dog, that the back yard is fenced in. Well, if we wanted a dog in the back yard the fence need to be fixed first. That is Steve's plan to fix the fence. In cutting down the brush he even found the top bar that was pulled off of the fence. We don't know what happened, but we can guess.
Our idea of what happened: The church hired a guy to mow the yard. He can't get his big mower in the back yard through the gate. It is a double gate and so his mower will fit, except that the one gate is covered over in brush. So instead of cutting the brush back, (which took Steve around three hours)(yard guy probably not paid for that) he ripped a cemented fence pole out of the ground make the back yard excess able to his mower.
On Steve's to do list: fix the back fence.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Post Hair Cut Pictures

Here are the promised after hair cut pictures. My husband said to be fair I had to have one with my hair down. It has been a LONG time since my hair was the short!


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pictures to my hair cut

Someone, who shall remain anonymous, wanted to see before and after picture of my hair cut. The best I can do is a picture taken this spring for the before. My hair was quite a bit longer than this. I will have to get someone to take a picture for the after, I don't have one yet. It will be posted as soon as I get one.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Enough Excitement For One Day

We now live on four acres with lots of trees to climb. Lane looked out the window (he is still doing school at 4:00) and said look how high Seth is in that tree. I stepped outside to find Seth and Heather were playing a game to see who could climb the highest. They were stuck and could not come back down.

Now my Father at sixty has climbed a tree to get a neighbor girl out of it after she had followed Tobias into the tree. I'm thinking I guess I could if I have too, but this almost 40 year old women isn't the least bit interested in figuring out how to get into and get two kids out of a tree.

Tobias to the rescue. He has been climbing trees for a few years now. He got Heather out pretty quickly. Seth was much higher up in the tree and really was not interested in moving at all, but Tobias got him out too.
The picture is not that good. There is a bit of orange you can see and that is Tobias. Heather is at that location. Seth was twice as high up in the tree, I think about as high as a two story house.


We started school on Monday, September 1. This is the latest we have ever started school, but it couldn't be helped. There is no way I could have taught school with no thyroid medicine in my system. So far we were off to a good start. Lane has chosen day three to start in on the procrastination.

A little tradition of ours: I have taken a picture of each child in front of the front door holding a sign which says first day of school and the date. I have done this every year. I guess I will post the pictures later. I am having problems getting it to work.


Monday, September 1, 2008

A much needed hair cut

Making appointments to do something is something I have never liked to do: doctor, haircut, field trip. If I have to be somewhere at a set time, I don't like it.

So on Saturday, I just showed up at a hair place in hopes I wouldn't have to wait too long. My last hair cut was in the summer of 2005. Need I say more!!! The ends of my hair were nasty. She cut off around 4 to 5 inches of nasty. Then cut off 12 inches for Locks of Love. Then she shaped it quite nicely. She also recommended getting it trimmed at least every six months. May be I will try to do better in this area.