Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pray for my Mom and Dad

Over two weeks ago mom got a cold again. About two weeks ago she went back on oxygen. She still was at home. She didn't want to go back in the hospital. The bathrooms are not very handicap accessible and they don't let Dad help her get to the bathroom.

On the 25th she was admitted back into the hospital. This time they say she has a staff infection in her lungs. On Friday they called the family in. One lung is not working. The other is not working well enough to get the carbon dioxide out of her body. She agreed to go on the respirator to wait for the results of one more test to see if they can be treating her any differently to help her.

Right now she is on the respirator and sedated. You have to suit up to go in and see her. She will be on it for two or three days. When we know the test results I will update you.

Please pray. We don't want to lose our mom or grandma. Yet we don't want her to be suffering either. Pray for Gods will. Pray for Dad.

God bless,

A Busy Week

We have had a very busy week and the next week is going to be even more busy. We had 8 hours on the persecuted church this week. The stories brought tears to our eyes. I also came away feeling like a very pitiful and weak christian.

Thursday we went to Washington, DC. We left here at 8 AM on 4 big tour buses. We pulled into Union Station about 10:30 AM. We had Ethiopian food for lunch. I have been missing out for years on good food. We loved it. We did a lot of prayer walking. We listened for people speaking in other languages. We observed people of different nationalities ordering food and interacting with their families. We got to visit with people in the Zambian Embassy, what a blessing. The buses left at 5PM. We were very tired from all of the walking that we did. It was a very good day.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Cultural Worship

On Sunday nights we have cultural worship. It is done in a different language and of course another culture. Two Sunday nights ago it was an African worship. I found if very frustrating. That was my fault in that I didn't prepare myself for such.

This past Sunday it was a Brazilian worship service all done in Portuguese. I was better prepared. Knowing what to expect kind of helps. Nothing is explained in English - overseas they are not going to stop and explain anything in English for you. So we practice now. This time two of the songs were familiar coruses. Then the person preaching helped us realize he was in Mark 4. He was teaching on the Jesus calming the storm. He used a lot of motions to help us figure out what he was talking about. It made it very understandable, but I don't think that was quite reality for a most worship services. They had us bring flashlights so that when the electric goes out we can still read the words. Electric is not a constant overseas.

Rita, for the Schwarzs
In Virginia

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Life on the Farm

Here is a short video from the Schwarz family. I hope you enjoy it.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Extra Curricular Activity

There is a couple here that are retired volunteers. The church they are from has a quilting ministry. The children if they want can see a small quilt. So Tobias and Heather are learning how to use a sewing machine.
As adults we can also sew after our homework is done, our verses are memorized, we have done our devotions, and after we have full filled our witnessing requirements.
I went yesterday and just sewed. I didn't feel like picking out a pattern, material, and then cutting it out. I picked out something that was already cut out. I feel like I was cheating a little. I just sewed rectangles together for an hour. It was very therapeutic.