Saturday, August 25, 2012

Family Reunion

An aunt on my dad’s side of the family started planning a reunion for our family almost a year ago.  The second weekend we went to their farm for a fun filled weekend.  The whole extended family picnic was on Saturday.  Only my sister, a cousin, and their families were missing.  All the rest of us made it.  My aunt did all of the cooking for this event.  She is a wonderful cook and the food was sooooo good!  The corn on the cob was the best I have had in I don’t know how long.

Aunts, uncles, cousins, and 2nd cousins means lots of fun.  The adults sat around and visited.  We had fun catching up with each other and what was going on in our lives. 

Before we went to Africa we were at this farm for a similar family reunion picnic.   Every time my kids asked where we were going I answered with, “You know, the farm with the big old barn that you played hide n seek in and got so dirty!” 

So this year my children were on the look out for good hiding places before the other 2nd cousins arrived.  After we had eaten the kids went off to play hide n seek in the barn.  All was very quiet for most of the afternoon.  My uncle kept going out to check on them every once in a while. 

They played hide n seek for a long time.  Several times one or two children just couldn’t be found.  They had managed to find the best hiding spot.  At one time the goats were running around the pen.  Upon investigation at least two of my boys were running around the pen trying to catch a young goat.  After one family went home taking their little boys it got quiet again!?!?  They were in the grain wagon and now they were very dirty.

Playing in the soybeans


Heather is shown here as clean to compare.  She didn’t want to get in the wagon.  For the record our kids were told just how dangerous that can be.  The wagon wasn’t even half full, so they were OK. 

All in all the 2nd cousins had a blast!  The three that went home earlier were younger than this crowd in the picture.  I think those three were troopers in playing games with these older kids and no complaining was heard!!!!!

A Quick Update

We are in the states on furlough and have been for a month!  We spent most of that month living at my Dad’s, visiting my sister and her family, and visiting with Steve’s parents.  Part of one week was spent in South Carolina seeing Doctors.  Our company requires us to have physicals every so often.

While in PA we spoke in three churches already.  These were churches of our family members and not Southern Baptist Churches.  Anyone can be praying for us and this was a wonderful experience to visit and worship with these people.

Now we are back in South Carolina.  We spent this week trying to get organized and moved in.  Also, spent time cleaning.  Today, the kids have been a big help in cleaning the house.   It is nice to be back in a house that is built tighter than our African house and hopefully will not be spending as much time cleaning as we did in Africa!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Two weeks before we left Zambia for our furlough we had a baptism service and 8 people were baptized!  Six were Zambians and two were Lane and Seth.  They went out with their Daddy to Kasesha to attend the Baptism class.


Baptism Seth

Baptism Lane