Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Waterfalls near Isoka

After we drove on the roads I showed you in the last post, we parked in the middle of no where and started walking.

hiking to waterfall comp Steve has Abigail on his shoulders and is holding Isabel’s hand. 

top of falls compThis is the top of the falls.

bottom of falls comp 

Bottom of the falls.

seth falls comp


Lane falls compLane

mill comp

Mill to grind maize using the waterfall instead of electric, except it needs some parts to make it work. 

climbing around the falls comp

Steve, Tobias, and Blake climbing around the falls.

falls blake comp

Blake on the pipe that brings the water into the mill.  Tobias climbing around the rocks.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Roads to the Water Falls near Isoka!

blacktop road to falls comp

After leaving the village of Isoka, we headed to a waterfall on a blacktop road.

Very nice dirt road to falls compWe turned onto a very nice dirt road, I mean Nice!

lesser dirt road comp 

Then we turned onto this road.  It too was actually not too bad!

This IS a road comp

This is a road, believe it or not!

Not too sure this is a road comp

Not too sure this is a road anymore, but we are just following the vehicle in front of us.  He must know where he is going!

Stay tuned for pictures of the falls.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Station Visit to Isoka

On Thursday, April 8th we went to visit fellow missionaries on our team, the Kimbroughs.  Blake Kimbrough is now our immediate boss, so we did business on Friday.  Saturday we went to visit a waterfalls that they have near their place.  On Sunday we went to a new church that has only been meeting for about 6 months.  For me, I think that was the high light of the trip.  To worship God in such a simple setting.  It was wonderful.  You know how sometimes you go to church and on the way home you don’t feel like you had church, you really don’t feel like you worshiped God that morning.  Well, this was really a simple worship service, led by Zambians.  We sang a few songs, we prayed, we read the scripture and discussed it a little bit.  After about an hour it was over, but God was worshiped! 

I know I take a lot of pictures of roads.  It is mostly to show you back in the US the road conditions.  Last August Blake came to see us and got to hour house in 2 1/2 hours.  His words – If you can drive 80 kilometers an hour on a dirt road, it is a good dirt road.  Well it took us, I think, around 5 hours to drive it.  The following pictures will show you why.  I think it is as bad as riding a camel!

Nakonde Road 1 comp

Nakonde Road 2 comp.

Nakonde Road 3 comp

Nakonde Road 4 comp

On the way home we were driving part of this road in the dark.  On a lonely stretch with no people anywhere around we heard this awful sound.  A grinding, screeching noise – like our brakes are grinding or something.  We pull over.  There also were no bars on the cell phone.  I’m wishing I thought to pack more flashlights, but handy Steve, his air pump that you plug into the power outlet also has a flashlight on it.  I drove the vehicle slowly while he figured out were it was coming from.  He jacked up that corner and took the tire off.  There is a cover on the back side of the disk brakes.  It looked like it was bent and rubbing the disk.  While trying bend it out some a very little stone fell out.  All was fine.  We only lost 1/2 and hour, but it was 13 more kilometers before we got any bars on the cell phone.  We are very thankful God was looking out for us.

We ended our trip by stopping at the Schaefer Take Away to pick up our supper.  We ended up just eating it at their house.  The Schaefer’s are good friends we have here in Mbala.  Twice now they have fixed us food for when we are coming back into town late in the evening.  What a blessing!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Kalambo Falls

Only 45 Kilometers from our house in the highest waterfalls in Zambia and the second highest in Africa.  Because the roads are a mess from the rainy season it took a good hour and 1/2 to get there.

Main Road Comp.This is what the main road out of Mbala looks like.  This road goes to Tanzania. 

 Direction sign Sign telling you to turn off of the above road.

Road to Kalambo 1

Road to Kalambo 2

Pictures of the 35 Kilometer road to Kalambo Falls.

Sign comp

mouth comp.

Mouth of the Falls

Top of falls comp.

Top half of Falls

Bottom of falls comp. 

Bottom half of Falls.  Can you see a cave entrance?

Lane close look comp

Lane getting a closer look.

Seth close look comp

Seth getting a closer look.

Pathways comp

Stone pathways and one little stone wall barrier.

Tree roots comp

Double click on this one for a closer look at the tree roots.

Gorge and family

A picture of us! :)  with the gorge in the background.

This falls is 221 meters high.  Come visit us and we will take you to see it, if you want to.


God bless, Rita