Thursday, June 30, 2011

May/June Newsletter–Page 1

A Visit to Luwingu

In the beginning of May, my team leader and I paid a visit to the Northern Province town of Luwingu. For nearly 8 years Luwingu was home to the Bowman family.  Last June this family said good-bye to their friends and fellow believers in Luwingu in response to
the Lord’s calling to serve in another part of the world. 

So, after nearly a year how is the work of the Lord progressing in Luwingu?  Well, there is a lot of good to report.  Even though this visit was impromptu, representatives from at least seven churches gathered in Luwingu to greet and meet with us. For an entire morning we met together in planning for the future, singing songs, and teaching of God’s Word. The churches are committing
to send representatives to the Baptist Fellowship Annual meeting in Lusaka this August. This is no small commitment because the cost is substantial. The Luwingu Association has also committed
to leadership meetings every two weeks to stay connected and continue in growth. Bible schools also continue to meet three
times a year. 

While there was much to be encouraged about in Luwingu, there are also some challenges that need prayer. One need is for
evangelistic outreach among the churches. They are so occupied with daily living and maintaining current church membership
that they have not been able to expand the  gospel work to those
around them. Pray that they will be led by the  Holy Spirit to be passionately evangelistic.

Another challenge has come from outside. Some of the churches are facing pressures from other denominations to change
affiliation. Offers of material compensation often  accompany this wooing.  Please pray that church leaders have the wisdom to
discern the truth and remain steadfast in the will of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We will press on together for the glory of  God!


Seventh Day Adventist Wedding

May 29th brought another new cultural experience for Steve. An
invitation came to attend a wedding at a local seventh Day Adventist Church. Since Saturday is the day of worship for
SDA’s, the wedding was held on Sunday. Other than the day, the rest of  the ceremony seemed to be in step with other weddings we have experienced in Zambia. Perhaps this one had a bit more
Western flavor because the families were fairly affluent. When the time came for the wedding message, we were a bit surprised at the title: “How To Avoid Divorce”. This really made us aware that divorce is as significant a problem in Zambia as it is in the rest of the world. Here is the advice the SDA pastor passed on to the couple: 1. Commit for a lifetime not an experiment.  2 . Show love for each other in word and deed; in public and at home  even  though it is not our culture to do so. 3. Communicate—listen
first then speak. 4. Put your spouse’s needs before your own.
5. Pray together.

Overall, this is not bad advice that has good biblical backing. We pray that the words will be heeded and that this marriage was
truly founded on the Rock of Christ Jesus. Only then will it stand the test of time.


Prayer requests

  • As evangelism in Maround continues, people seem to
    be more closed and less willing to talk. The enemy does not like what we are doing. Pray that the Holy Spirit will open closed ears
    and mouths for the glory of God.
  • Pray for the churches in Kasama and Luwingu to stand firm under challenges from within and from outside.  These believers will be a big part of our ministry in Mbala in the months ahead.
  • Please lift up Rita and the kids as they prepare to kick off a new school year bit by bit as our new curriculum arrives. The break has been good!


Praises to our God and King

  • Praise the Lord for 18 years of marriage Steve and Rita
    celebrated on June 26th.
  • We are thanking God for healed bodies after a wave
    of gastrointestinal unrest swept though the family in
  • Spiritual renewal comes in many forms and sometimes
    in unexpected ways. Steve has been experiencing some
    refreshing times with God recently...just when he needed it most. Isn’t that just like our on-time God?

Page two is coming.  I can not just copy and paste the wonderful layout that Steve used.  I copy and paste, but then I have to go through it to line it up right. 

God bless, Steve (he writes the newsletter) and Rita (I put it here for those who can’t open it for some unknown reason.  If you want to get a copy of the Newsletter via email, please email us at:

Visitor from America-part 6

He even swam across the river at the top of the falls to set his feet in Tanzania.

My guys at the falls.

Our crew with Matthew.

And with Henry.  He keeps our house nice and clean.

Thank you Matthew for sharing all your pictures with us.

Visitor from America-Part 4

Saturday Bible Study, these kids all show up to play.

He took a great picture of good friends of ours.

He also got a good picture of our language helpers and their family. 

Visitor from America-part 5

On Sunday the guys went to Isanga Bay on Lake Tanganyika.  It is a little slice of paradise.

On Monday they hiked to Kalambo Falls.  A boat took them from the Isanga Bay to a village below the falls.

The village is in the middle of the picture right at the lake.

Hiking in gives you a better view of the whole falls at once.  When we drive to it we are right at the top of it.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Visitor from America – part 3

He took a picture of this cool dude.

He checked out the baby broiler chicks.  They will be in our freezer soon!  Yum!

This is where our children play every Friday afternoon.

Monday, June 27, 2011

A Visitor from America – part 2

I had to break my post in to parts in order to post it.  Too many pictures.  So the driving tour for our friend continues.

Lake Chila:  All of Mbala’s water comes from here.

A trip to the Moto Moto Museum, which Mbala is famous for.

He say cows being milked at our friend’s house.

He milked a cow for the first time in his life.

A Visitor from America – part 1

At the very beginning of June we had a visitor from America come to visit us.  He is a friend of the lady who runs our missions guest house in Lusaka.  She planned this lovely trip for the two of them and then ended up not being able to come herself.  So, he was brave and boarded a bus to come visit us – people he had never met before.  Steve picked him up at the bus stop here in Mbala.

We took him on a driving tour of Mbala.

This is the old Market.

Maround Compound where Steve is working right not.

The school where Steve has his Bible studies on Saturdays.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Seth is now in the double digits!!

On Tuesday Seth turned 10!  On Monday night we had cake.  He decided against the chocolate cake with the peanut butter icing, for a coconut cake.  I went recipe hunting and we had coconut cake.  We had the cake on Monday night because we had a visitor with us. 

We had the Schaefer’s over for tea on Tuesday afternoon and finished the cake.  Seth wanted candles all over again.  So the second time we put a candle in every piece of cake to see if he had enough wind to blow them out.  He did!

<Digimax S500 / Kenox S500 / Digimax Cyber 530>

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Customer Service

About a week ago our electric bill came.  It indicated that we owed two months worth.  Steve got out his receipt  to check and yes we did pay that bill.  We even have a computer print out!

So, when Steve went to town to run errands he said he will be back in a few hours.  I had to ask why, what was going?  He said he would be waiting in line to get our bill straighten out.  Well, he was back much earlier than expected.  Why?

He forgot that there is no such thing as customer service in our Mbala office.  They also must not have a copier.  He came home to make copies of his receipt.  Then it was back to the Zesco office with the copies.  They have to fax them to Kasama where there is a customer service to take care of the problem.

We just keep practice the saying “This is Africa and Africa always wins!”  When you realize that and accept it you are less likely to get upset at the way things work here.

God bless,