Saturday, November 8, 2008

My children are happy. The holiday seasons bring things that they like. One is eggnog. Lane especially loves the stuff. Every once in a while through the year he asks when we can buy it again. I keep telling him at Halloween, but I was wrong. We had to wait until this week. There were some brands out, but they don't taste as good.

The second item we just discovered last year: flavored coffee creamers. Peppermint Mocha made by Coffee-mate. It tastes wonderful in hot chocolate. The kids love this. In January they put it on sale. I stocked up on a few. This morning they were enjoying the hot chocolate and were wanting a second cup, not that they don't enjoy it all year long. It is just extra special now.


Monday, November 3, 2008

Lane Broke His Pinky Finger

On Saturday, we had an year end party for Lane's football team. Steve threw a fast one and Lane hurt his finger. It is swollen and black and blue and doesn't look right. Our family Doctor took an x-ray this morning. His pinky finger on his right hand is broke and the bones do not line up. So tomorrow we are off to an orthopedic Doctor. He waited until the season ended to get hurt. He did have a finger jammed early in the season, but it didn't stop him from playing. So he joins the "Broken Bone Club" with Tobias.
Click on the picture to make it bigger and you will see the brake for yourself.


Flag Football Season is Over

We have spent the last 8 weeks running to practices and games on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturday Mornings. Heather and Seth played Soccer and their season ended two weeks ago. Lane and Tobias played flag football. They practiced very little and then played a game all on Tuesday nights. Heather practiced on the same night, so I didn't get to watch football until these past two Tuesday nights.

Tobias's team won every game. They had to come from behind to win the last game. Lane's team, which Steve coached, tied the first two games and then lost the next three games. On last Tuesday night they managed to win by one point. Lane was the quarterback, so we were pretty excited. We did discover that Lane would be better at tackle football. Trying to catch a flag is annoying. He took a few boys out the first few games. On the last game instead of getting the flag he took the whole belt off of a boy.

Medical Approval Still Pending

Travel Health American sent an email back wanting more information. My Doctor I think over explained everything that needed done in the next 5 years. I wanted a basic letter saying I can go. So they want to know if I can have my TSH level checked where I will be going and if a CT can be done on my neck. So we need to find this out. Plus, my platelets are low and so now I have to talk to the Doctor about that. My platelets have been low off and on for years. The thing is they knew this from my medical records from Richmond. I gave a copy of all the tests results done in Richmond to my family Doctor here in South Carolina and she commented they were low in March. The next blood test said they were fine, so nothing to worry about. My Doctor's words. So now we have to talk to the Doctor about that too. Sometimes, I wonder if it is ever going to end. Please pray that we would have patience. We know that it is all on God's hands and his timing is best.