Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Esther Bible Study by Beth Moore

In January of 2009 some women in our church started this Bible study.  I counted out how many lessons there were and how many weeks I had to do this Bible study before we left for orientation in Richmond, VA.  There was enough weeks and so I decided to do it.  I had never done a Beth Moore Bible study but had heard a lot of good comments from other women.  This was also a way to get to know more women in our church.

Well, I never did get to finish it with that group of women.  Two of the weeks were canceled due to snow storms.  At the end I was just way to busy packing and feeling crunched for time that I wasn’t even getting my lessons/homework done.

I brought the book to Africa.  At some point I started it all over.  I read the book of Esther and I reread all that I had done in the study guide.  But I only got a week or two done beyond what I had already done in the book and then something came up and it sat on the shelf again. 

Then I heard about being able to download the audio, so that I could listen to the lectures that I had missed.  So I wrote down the lessons that I missed and Steve downloaded them for me.  This time I just reread the book Esther again and then just started where I left off in the workbook.  Again one or two more weeks were done and it again went back on the shelf. 

This week I got it off the shelf to see what needed to be done to finish it.  Only one lesson and one audio lesson!!!  Yea!  Last night I finished it!  It only took me three years and four months.

I love reading the book of Esther.  This is the second time I have done it with a group of women as a Bible study.  I highly recommend Beth Moore’s Bible study on Esther.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Pictures from the Two Oceans Marathon

2001 TOM comp.

This pic is from 2011.  Notice how tired Steve looks.

2012 TOM comp1.

This picture is from this years race.  It is raining and he is looking much better than last year.

2012 TOM comp2.

Still smiling!!

2012 TOM comp3.

2012 TOM comp4.

Finish Line

2001 TOM finish comp.

Last Years finish.