Monday, October 18, 2010

Language Study Officially is Over

And now the witnessing for Christ begins.  You can pray that Steve will be able to meet with area leaders of the Maround Compound here in Mbala.  He has met with the police so that they know what he will be doing.  Now he needs to meet with the leaders so that they also know.  He has tried twice already to meet with leaders and didn’t find them home.  These things take time especially when the person doesn’t have a phone.  On Monday morning another appointment has been set up.  This time an adult (wife) agreed that her husband would be there.  The other times they found no one home or they told the children when they would come back.

You can also be praying that as he witnesses he would find people who are open to hearing and accepting of what they hear.  Pray that many would come to know Christ as their personal Savior.

OK, our year of language study is officially over but we will still be studying language.  Steve will still be meeting with his language helper and I will be too.  I, Rita, had a lot going against me for learning a language in one year.  The number one thing is I was 40 years old.  On the front of one of our lesson books is a nice little list of how long it will take you to learn ciBemba.

20 years old        7 months     at least     1050 hours

25 years old        9 months     at least     1350 hours

30 years old     12 months     at least     1800 hours

35 years old     16 months     at least     2400 hours

40 years old     21 months     at least     3200 hours

The next thing going against me for learning a language is I have four beautiful children and I home school them.  Here where we live there is no other choice but to home school them and I want to home school them.

Then there is cooking.  Here in Mbala, Zambia if you want to eat anything for the most part you have to cook it.   So, I will be continuing my study of the ciBemba language for some time to come yet.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Our family didn’t own Crocs until we came to Africa.  I, Rita, didn’t really like how they looked.  My children wore socks and shoes to go outside.  I did invest in a pair of sandals for each child every spring.  Then comes Africa and the dirt and then the mud. 

When I was in South Africa last fall, I bought Steve and I our first pair of Crocs.  They are comfortable and now we live in them.  My mother-in-law mailed us some knock off brand for the kids.

Crocs comp3When we come in the house we park our Crocs on a rug at the back door.  Take a close look and see all the dirt!

Crocs comp1

Crocs comp2

Here is a picture of my indoor ones freshly scrubbed.  I love the feeling of clean Crocs!  The thing is in one day they are dirty!! Yes, I have two pair – one for inside and one for outside.  My feet don’t tolerate going barefoot any more.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

We have a new MacGyver

OK, this story starts way back in the States before we even went to orientation.  We went to Sears to buy a refrigerator to put into the crates that we were shipping to Africa.  Our sales lady told us to wait and come back on a certain Sunday night as they were having a special sale and it would save us money.  My concern was would we get it on time.  She checked and didn’t see any reason why we wouldn’t.  So that Sunday night came and we drove down to the Sears in Greenville, SC and ordered our fridge.  One problem, all the refrigerators sitting in the warehouse had ice makers in them.  We wouldn’t be needing  an ice maker in Africa.  Yes, one would be nice but how do you hook an ice maker up in Africa with filtered water.  A fridge without an ice maker could have  be shipped to us but it would have been after we had packed up the crates.  So we paid the extra money for a fridge with an ice maker and shipped it to Africa.

About two weeks ago my friends husband – now he IS a MacGyver- tells us you really should have that thing working.  Just put a bucket of filtered water on top of the fridge and run a hose down.  So at the beginning of last week while this friend and Steve were in Lusaka, Steve got a plastic siphon hose.  It was a great fit, but no water was getting into the ice maker.  So after Steve put this all together and it is not working, he decides to consult the owners manual.  It needs 30 psi.  So as Steve does when something doesn’t work he thinks on it for awhile.  That night while trying to go to sleep he came up with the idea of using a garden sprayer.  So he got a new one and hooked it up.  Now our ice maker makes ice.  Steve fills it up with filtered water and once or twice a day he pumps the pump to add the pressure.

Ice maker comp1.

Ice maker comp2.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Princess Zanzibar

Back in July I introduced you to our new cat Panther.  Well, another cat has been added to our family.  This one came to us at 6 weeks old.  So it missed its warm mother.  It would just meow pitifully at us.  And so we would pick it up and put it in our laps and that is where it spend most of its first days with us.
It spent the first few days without a name.  My friend had spent a short vacation on the Island of Zanzibar.  Lane suggested that name.  Since she is a girl Princess has been added and now just shortened to Princess.
Princess comp1. She takes a lot of her naps on Heather.
Princess comp4 When Heather has to get up and move around, this is how she rides around the house.
Princess comp3 Tobias and Heather take turns keeping her and in this picture it was Tobias’ turn.  His DVD player is a warm place to nap.
Princess comp2
Here she is getting into trouble.  She smelled lunch on the table and before she was caught actually ate part of Steve’s sandwich.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Our Lane turned 11!

On October 1st Lane turned 11.  The party started at home with presents from us at lunch time.

Lane 11 bday comp1

One of his presents was a pocket knife that he got last week when he went with his Dad and Uncle Grant to Lusaka.

Lane 11 bday comp2 He has already cut himself on the drive home!  Then the festivities moved to the Schaefer Farm.  His birthday fell on a Friday this year and we often go over to have tea time on Friday afternoons.

Lane 11 bday comp4A treasure hunt was planned by Auntie Lynn.  And they are off.  They had 12 different clues to fine.

Lane 11 bday comp5  Here they are digging up 1/2 of the map and clue  to find the other half.  Can you tell by the picture that we are in the dry season?

Lane 11 bday comp6 OK, they are off to pester a worker named Sam for the rest of the map.  He kept them busy for about 1/2 an hour.  He was told not to give it up too easily.  He took that job seriously!

Lane 11 bday comp7 We have the map and the digging is on.

Lane 11 bday comp8

Lane 11bday comp9

A treasure chest if found with candy and popcorn for to nights movie!!

Lane 11th birthdayOf course we had birthday cake.  Then Daddy and Mommy went home all by themselves.  Thank you Lynn!!