Monday, October 20, 2008

Unoffical Medical Approval

My Doctor has given me medical approval. I said unofficial in the title because every thing still needs to be sent to Travel Health America and they give the final approval. That is our news of the day!!! I will update when it is official.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Summer Reading Programs part 2

These are pictures from the library program. For the three youngest ones, once they have read 20 books they get a certificate, medal, and get to pick a free book from a box. At the end of the summer they have a party and get more prizes by having their names drawn out of a box. Since the theme was bugs, they had bug prizes. Lane won a bug container with a magnifying glass on top. Quit a few spiders have lived in it for a day or to. Seth got to pick the drawing from some local artist, because he already had the prize that they were handing out.

The teenagers had a different program. After 10 books were read you got a beach ball. For 20 books you got a bag that Tobias is holding. For each 10 books after that your name was put in for a summer end drawing that was for the whole county, not just each library. Tobias won 2nd place in the whole county of Spartanburg. He got a $100 gift card to Barnes & Nobles. He can't wait to spend it. Mommy hasn't taken him yet, but he is thinking on Christmas presents for his family.

I, mommy, won too. They have a summer reading program for adults. There was weekly drawings and summer end drawing. I won a weekly drawing the first week I entered. I got a bag, book, CD, coffee, coffee mug, and a $5.00 gift card to an ice cream place.

Happy Reading


Summer Reading Programs

We usually spend every summer reading using our local libraries reading program. Here in South Carolina, a store called Christian Supply also has a reading program. I like Christian Supply's program better, because after reading 60 books the children get a free T-Shirt. I can add to their wardrobe for free. :) This years theme was the Pirates who Don't Do Anything but Read. For every five books they read they get a junk toy out of a box. I could do without that one and they eventually do end up in the trash. For every fifteen books they read they get a bigger prize, the biggest prize being the T-Shirt. Pirate theme means pirate prizes. Seth is sporting two of his prizes. They are sporting their T-shirts and certificates in the above pictures. For every five books they get to put their name in a pot for a year end drawing. They must have done the drawing this week, for Heather won. She got a $50 gift card to Monkey Joe's which is an indoor play ground.