Monday, July 14, 2014

A New Experience for Me - Rita

This past Sunday I took my camera to church for two reasons.  The first one was that I wanted a family picture of us in our Sunday clothes before Tobias leaves us.

The second reason was we were having baptism.


We always stop at this one couple’s house and pick them up and take them to church with us since they are on the way.  Steve said I should take a picture of a Zambian corn crib for my Dad who is a farmer.  So at this couples house I jumped out to take a picture of their corn crib.


When we got to church and had our picture taken, I then took pictures of the two couples already there.  I went in to put my stuff on the school desk and saw the cattle corral out the window.  I decided I would take a picture of that too for my dad.


When I got back outside the lady whose corn crib I took a picture of grabbed my hand and started leading me up the hill.  This was a first for me.  I was being taken somewhere and at first didn’t understand.  She doesn’t speak English and I don’t speak ci-Mambwe. 

But I soon figured it out.  She was taking me to get a picture of a larger corn crib with corn in it.



The pole has notches in it to climb into the crib.



I also got pictures of the corn being shelled and the cattle!  After each picture I had to show everybody the picture on the little screen.  So much laughing was going on!!  They loved to see themselves on my little screen.  Much fun was had all around even though we didn’t understand each others words!  And all this before church.

After church we walked down to the stream and three new believers were baptized.  As we finished up a small herd of cows came to get a drink.  Actually, the boys informed me they were all bulls. 


As we were walking back up the road, I heard a small rumble.  I looked back and another herd of cows were running down the road to the water.  We baptized just in time.  Those cows were thirsty.   They ran into the water right where we were.

It was a wonderful day worshipping our Lord and Savior.  Also, a good day to baptize – much warmer than Saturday was.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Mbala Sunset


From the house roof – not good, too many trees


From up in our tree house.  Much better view! 


Going down.


Zoomed in on the going down!


This one is cool, you can see house roofs of our town.


All gone.


I finally got pictures of the sunset here in Mbala, thanks to Tobias.  So many times it is so beautiful but it doesn’t last long.

Birthday, Graduation, Leaving Africa Party

On May 8th Tobias turned 18! My brain doesn’t think I’m old enough to have a child that old.

We had a party for him the weekend before his birthday. Matthew, one of his friends is in boarding school and this is when it suited them to come too. This was the last time he would get to see Matthew.

Tobias 18th Birthday (11)

Joel, Tobias, and Matthew

As the title says it was his 18th Birthday Party, Graduation from High School Party, and (sad) I’m leaving Africa for college Party.

Tobias 18th Birthday (14)

Eighteen candles make a lot of light!

Tobias 18th Birthday (1)

Trick candles!!! Never had this kind before. He blew and blew and the flames just kept coming back! :)

Tobias 18th Birthday (8)

Often when our three families get together the kids have to line up shortest to tallest for the food line. I have never gotten a picture and so wanted one while all four kids are still here in Africa. As you can see, Tobias is the tallest, but he has two years on Joel and Matthew. They have time to catch up.

Tobias 18th Birthday (3)

Opening presents

Tobias 18th Birthday (7)

Fun times visiting with friends


One week after his birthday Steve and Tobias did a Father / son hike with two nights camping.

Tobias did all the planning. Steve didn’t just want to walk on the road from Mbala all the way to the falls. So Tobias got on Google Earth trying to see if he could find trails. He did and they didn’t get lost!! There are no signs to guide you through the bush.

Improvements have been made to the falls area. There now are guard rails! They have places to camp. They also have showers and flush toilets!!

It took them longer to hike it than they expected, so when they got into cell coverage they called for me to come pick them up.