Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Update on our Status

February 16th has come and gone. I am sorry about being so slow to update. The IMB's board of trustees voted that we could be missionaries. Although this is not totally the end yet. We are not to hand in our resignations to our jobs until after the March 18th Appointment Ceremony. The final vote is during that ceremony.

Now we are trying to line up babysitters for our children for the week in March, since my parents cannot do it now. In March we will be in Greenville, SC for lots of meetings and interview. Then on Wednesday Night the Appointment Ceremony will be at Taylors First Baptist Church. The service starts at 6:30 PM for those who want to attend.

My Mother is doing better.

My mother is in the Fairmont Nursing Home for physical therapy. She is doing much better and might be going home next week. She is walking but is still to weak to get up out of the chair by herself. They have lowered her oxygen level from 3 to 2 with no change in her blood work. So they now have lowered it to 1. Maybe she will go home without oxygen which would be nice. They say now that she has an inflammatory lung disease. Please keep praying for her.

Dad is remodeling the bathroom. He completely gutted it. He had to take the sledge hammer to the tub to carry it out in pieces. He said it weighed 500 lbs. He is reinforcing the bathroom walls with plywood, so that he can put handicap bars in. He is installing a shower for mom as she can't step over the tub wall anymore.

Thanks for your continued prayers.