Saturday, October 1, 2011

It is too early for rain.

Here in Zambia the rainy season starts around their Independence Day which is October 24th.  Sometime near the end of September you might have a little spit of a rain.  It will cloud up and smell like rain, but it doesn’t even get the ground wet.

Sorry I don’t know the exact date, but not too long ago in September while we were at friends we had that spit of rain.  Oh, did it smell good!  They live about 10k’s from us.  As we went home we drove into more rain.  At our house it was pouring down rain just like in the rainy season.  The kids were excited.  Lane and Seth just walked around the yard enjoying the rain and getting wet.  I don’t know how much it rained, but it was enough that we didn’t need to water the garden at all the next day.

Since then it has rained 2 more times.  Earlier this week it rained.  I was thinking good, now that is out of the system, it will be dry this weekend.  We have a mission team here from Kasama helping us.  They are sleeping in tents outside.  Well, it decided to rain again yesterday and get everything wet.  Today the sun is shining and drying everything out.

I am told when it rains this early, than it is going to be hotter when it is not raining!  If that makes sense!  I’m living here in Mbala because yes God called us here, but also it is cooler here than it is in the rest of the country.   So we shall see what the future holds rain and heat wise.