Thursday, June 5, 2014

Christmas and Easter Celebrations

We had two wonderful celebrations and I have yet to write about them.  So I am going to combine them here for you.  Better late than never telling you.

Our two churches in Kaseshya and Chupa got together and planned the Christmas Celebration.  Here in Zambia Christmas is celebrated at church.  The celebration was in a village between the two places in the school there.

The service started at 8AM.  We sang songs, some of them were Christmas carols.  Then Steve preached on Christ’s birth.

We then walked to a stream where six were baptized.



Lane timed the walk on the way back, 45 minutes.  We got sunburned!!

When we got back to the school we celebrated the Lord’s Supper together.  This was the first time for those that were just baptized and for the church in Chupa.

While all this was happening, men and women were slipping out to go help cook our noon meal.  The chickens had to be killed, plucked, and cooked.  Fresh Chicken.


That is one big pot of inshima!!  The fire is right beside the pot next to the wall.


Serving up the food.


Women visiting while cooking!


Waiting on the food.


It started pouring while we were eating. So we hung around a while waiting for it to stop.  It didn’t!

The Easter Celebration was held in Zombe village. This village is an in between point for Kaseshya and Chupa.  For a few months now, this has been a preaching point for Steve on Tuesdays.

This was a weekend long effort.  On Friday night half of the Jesus Film was shown, followed by preaching.

On Saturday they did evangelism in two different villages.  Then finished the Film in the evening with a sermon again.

On Sunday we had a wonderful Easter Service with the two churches and the preaching point.

The women cooked up a delicious Zambian meal of chicken, nshima, and a veggie.


Before the service.  It ended up being too windy and so we took the tarp down.


Double Rainbow on Easter morning!!




We got a few rain drops on us, but mostly just had passing clouds.