Friday, June 12, 2009

Shot Day Number 3 is over

This momma got four shots today. I will be very happy not to see a needle again for a long time. The poor nurses - I bleed a lot for just getting a shot.

Steve got away with just one shot. The boys only got two shots, Heather had to get three. Tobias had his tetanus in February and I'm not sure why the other two boys only got two. For tetanus you get a booster every ten years and so that is why I thought they didn't get it. Then I was told if you are living overseas then you get the booster every five years. So then I think they should have gotten it.

Oh, well it is over with. I will check the papers when we get them on Monday. The papers are a list of shots we got while here.

Seth and Lane have accepted Jesus as their Savior

Seth prayed to ask Jesus into his heart on Sunday night, his eighth birthday. We have been having a lot of talks about such things since being here. He has been asking a lot of questions.

We have to witness using various ways three times a week here. The Sub-Saharan African Peoples Affinity group has to use Creation to Christ for the past two weeks. Seth has been given that presentation twice by Mommy and Daddy.

On Tuesday, I gave the presentation to Lane. It takes about 15 minutes to do it. At the end Lane said he wanted to ask Jesus into his heart.

We are rejoicing and so are the angels!!

Seth turned 8 years old

On Sunday Seth turned eight. We had a small little party in our quad. We did have cake, but no candles since they are not allowed in the quads. What was really fun was seeing how creative other children can be. He received a card that involved the 5 senses. Smell - perfume, taste - candy taped inside, sight - a lot to read - two journeymen (women) helped, sound - recycled cards that talked, the noise piece was taken out and used in this card, touch.

It was really fun to experience a small and simple birthday. What was best was the kids loved it too! There was no complaining!!

Airport Day

Last Friday the kids had airport day. The teachers had set up an airport in another building to teach them about airports. They made play passports the day before. They had passports, tickets and carry on bags. They were giving a lot of instructions about airports.

They had to stick together in family groups. The two younger classes that didn't have an older sibling were assigned to older children to watch. They were told about watching / hanging onto their bags. Lane lost his. He wasn't watching it and so it was stolen. But he was carrying his ticket and passport in his hand so he still got on the plane.

I want to brag on Tobias and how he has stepped up to the plate in being responsible. One little girl's bag was stolen and her passport and ticket were in it. Since she didn't have either she wasn't allowed to get on the plane. Tobias stayed with her. Actually her and her sister joined my kids and stuck together. Tobias said is she can't get on the plane then he wasn't getting on either. He wasn't going to leave her alone.

The teachers also told the kids what is was going to be like for the parents. That we would be tired. They were told that they shouldn't whine and complain, that it is going to be a tiring process. They even experienced plane delays in their little pretend airport. Some children after airport day were saying they are so glad that they are not parents!!!


On Saturday, June 6th we went to Monticello - Thomas Jefferson's home. We as a family really enjoyed the visit. He loved educating people. He loved variety in his garden.
The first picture - the man was demonstrating basket making. We learned how they get the wood so thin to make the baskets. In the back ground is part of the garden.
Picture #2 - the man was making nails. The garden again is in the back ground.
Picture #3 - the garden is around 2 acres. It is three football fields long. I loved the garden.
Picture #4 - is of the back side of the house. He leveled the mountain top off first, so that he could have views on all four sides.

Update on my Mom

She was moved to the nursing home on Thursday, June 11th. She is back in the Fairmont Nursing Home in Ephrata, PA. You can visit her there I think. She is still in isolation, so you have to suit up. Keep praying for her, she has a long ways to go.