Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Our Trip Home - Second Stop - Missionary Friends House

The second day we took it slow and easy.  We had a nice breakfast with the dogs as you can see in the last post.  Then we took off.  Steve didn't want to arrive in Lusaka in the late afternoon with all the traffic.  So we stopped off at the Sprayberry's house.  The kids and I (Rita) had been there once before.  So it was wonderful to visit with them and see all the changes they have made.  The Sprayberry's are like grandparents to our kids and the boys just loved all of Jack's stories.  They were fascinated!!

Grandpa Jack and Grandma Judy
What follows is pictures of their home.  It is built with dirt mixed with cement and poured into maize bags (I think, I maybe all wrong on this).  They are stacked, then chicken wire is placed against them, then they plaster over that and paint.  There might be something else helping the bags stay upright, but I don't remember.  It is very cool inside!  Cool looking and cool as in temperature.
"Lodge" looking is the new house.  Off to the side is the original.
Living room in foreground, then dining, and then the kitchen.
This is their first house.  The big window is an addition to it.  The original was only half this size.  It has been changed to all bedrooms and bathrooms now.

This is the outdoor shower.  I actually love taking a shower under the stars at night!
Inside the outside shower.  The first time I used it we had to use the 40/40 bucket shower (bucket with shower head on the bottom), boil the hot water, haul it out, pour it into the bucket and hang it up.  Now you can see that the water is piped in.  Behind the shower is something he lights a fire in to heat the water.  Sorry, I didn't get a picture of that but the water is boiling hot, which is good in the cold night air. 
One of the inside bathroom sinks which is in the hallway.  Sky lights are providing the lighting in here.
Inside shower if you prefer.
You are just going to have to turn your head and body to see this.  It is right in the computer and loads up wrong. 
It was wonderful to stop and visit them.  We drank coffee and told stores.  We smiled and laughed.  It was very good medicine.  If you are in Zambia and are going north out of Lusaka, you should stop in and visit.  You will leave with your spirits lifted!!!  And a few new ideas on how to do something.


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